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In Real Estate debts and equity

Active Management

Through 'Asset Creation'


Growing AUM



Portfolio of office and industrial



FY20 Income Yield

Focused on the future

We operate in the present and invest for the future.

We’re an ASX-listed real estate investment and funds management group headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland. We invest in commercial offices in city and suburban markets as well as industrial facilities with properties located along the Australian eastern seaboard from Cairns in Queensland to Melbourne in Victoria.


We focus on relationships
for long term investments.

GARDA is an integrated real estate business comprising:
– funds management
– real estate investment
– real estate and property management services
– commercial real estate debt advisory and arrangement activities.

This enables GARDA to have a more hands on and dynamic asset management capability, building long-term relationships based on a mutual vision, partnership and accountability.


We are a platform for growth and performance.

Since 2000, GARDA has a strong history of performance by creating a solid and sustainable business model and exercising expertise operating in the present day market. GARDA continually seeks to discover opportunities and establish funds that provide a regular and relatively high income yield, capital stability and future capital appreciation opportunities.

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